SSTRM Operational Clothing, Footwear and Ballistic Protection Technical Workshop

 The fourth Soldier Systems Technology Roadmap (SSTRM) technical workshop was on “Operational Clothing, Footwear and Ballistic Protection.”  It was held on May 12 and 13, 2010 in Ottawa, Canada.  We provide below an introductory presentation by Major Stéphane Dufour, followed by Volume 1 – the workshop report, and Volume 2 – the presentations from the workshop. Documents are available at our SSTRM Documents Download Page.

[slideshare id=5211307&doc=1-2dufourdlr5-4operationalclothingindividualequipmentloadcarriagerequirementsenfinal-100915213913-phpapp02]

[slideshare id=5226627&doc=workshop5volume1-ppereportsept15-100917184012-phpapp01&type=d]

[slideshare id=5226647&doc=workshop5volume2-ppeslidedecksdraftjune11-100917184624-phpapp01&type=d]

After the workshop, the Technical Sub-Committee for this Technical Domain further refined all the available information and organized it into the following two broad themes of primary importance to the future soldier (note that the theme numbers follow from the previous Technical Domains):

  • Theme 16: Operational Clothing, Load Carriage and Mobility (includes operational hand wear and footwear)
  • Theme 17: Personal Protection (focuses on impact, ballistic, blast and chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and explosive (CBRNE) protection for the  torso, head, lower body and extremities)

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