SSTRM Lethal and Non-Lethal Weapons Effects Technical Workshop

The second Soldier Systems Technology Roadmap (SSTRM) technical workshop was on “Lethal and Non-Lethal Weapons Effects.”  It was held on November 24, 25 and 26, 2009 in Toronto, Canada.  We provide below two introductory presentations: one by Major S. Dufour and one by Major B. Gilchrist. We then present three documents: Volume 1 – the workshop report, Volume 2 – the presentations related to lethal weapons effects, and Volume 3 – the presentations related to non-lethal weapons effects. Documents are available at our SSTRM Documents Download Page.

[slideshare id=5194190&doc=majdufour-soldiermodernization-lethal-100913191727-phpapp02]

[slideshare id=5194160&doc=majgilchrist-soldierchallenge-100913191023-phpapp02]

[slideshare id=5226764&doc=workshop3volume1lethality-nonlethalityreportsept15-100917192133-phpapp01&type=d]

[slideshare id=5226776&doc=workshop3volume2-lethalityslidedecksfeb25-100917192521-phpapp02&type=d]

[slideshare id=5226793&doc=workshop3volume3-nonlethalityslidedecksfeb25-100917192633-phpapp02&type=d]

After the workshop, the Technical Sub-Committee for this Technical Domain further refined all the available information and organized it into the following three broad themes of primary importance to the future soldier (note that the theme numbers follow from the previous Technical Domain):

  • Theme 5: Weapons Platform (launching system)
  • Theme 6: Ammunition (lethal and non-lethal)
  • Theme 7: Weapon Mounted Situational Awareness and Targeting Suite

We encourage anyone who is interested in the SSTRM to visit Industry Canada’s SSTRM site at