Program Evaluation and Performance Measurement

Program Evaluation and performance measurement are important tools of Canadian federal government managers. These functions help managers in determining whether everything is working in unison toward intended results.

We have worked in these areas for the past 30 years, since the practices were formally introduced in the Canadian federal government.  We have worked in all aspects of these disciplines, from developing logic models and performance indicators, to conducting large-scale horizontal evaluation analyses.

We have worked with:

  • Lead and lag performance indicators
  • Qualitative and quantitative methods of data analysis
  • A full range of information and collection methodologies, from focus groups to internet surveys

Our recent work has involved developing risk-based frameworks for evaluating an entire organization’s suite of programming and activities. These are ideal for addressing new expectations that Canadian federal organizations evaluate all components of their Program Activity Architecture.

Evaluating Innovation Programming

One of our firm’s greatest areas of expertise is in evaluating and measuring the performance of Science and Technology Innovation programming.

Since 1993, when the firm was founded, we have been involved in a wide range of evaluation activities, including

  • Government-wide studies that examined evaluations from all federal Science-based Departments and Agencies (SBDAs)
  • Producing a synthesis of a decade’s worth of Evaluations done by the National Research Council
  • Benchmarking Evaluation functions in SBDAs
  • Evaluating facilities, such as NRCan’s Experimental Mine, Industry Canada’s Communications Research Centre, and others
  • Evaluating strategic innovation programming, such as Industry Canada’s Technology Roadmaps and the ‘leverage’ component of NRC’s Cluster Initiative
  • Evaluating specific innovation programs in many SBDAs

In addition, we have developed performance frameworks and management control frameworks for a range of innovation initiatives, and provided training for developing these frameworks.

All of this experience, together with our planning, organization design, and other projects in SBDAs, provides The Strategic Review Group Inc. with exceptional capability to conduct Evaluations and performance measurement assignments related to Science and Technology Innovation.